Wide Angle shot at Times Square

This isn't actually a photo, this is a screenshot of a video from my action camera mounted to a monopod and me holding it as high as I could on a car roof. Yes, it's crazy and it doesn't look like it was taken on an action cam and a screenshot, but it is. When my dad told me that we were gonna pass through Times Square while we were in traffic, I quickly planned something that I never did before, get a photo from a video, I doubted about doing that because of the quality, but I wanted to get a wide shot of times square which I didn't have one at that time,so decided to do it. Quickly I prepared my SJCAM SJ4000 (Action Cam), attached it to a monopod to take advantage of the car roof and to get a high perspective, and started to record as we arrived to the streets of Times Square, there was traffic so I got some time to position the camera as I wanted with the monopod, monitoring the recording connected to my phone, my arm got tired after a while of doing this, but then the traffic got less and we quickly left, It felt much better for my arm. With this photo I wanted to show how much you can find in Times Square, how much you can find in a New York street, that's why I chose wide angle. The experience was great since I never went to Times Square on car and never got a shot like this, and also got surprised by how good of an image you can get with a gopro alternative camera, which I did not expect. This photo was taken on October 19, 2016 11:45pm, SJCAM SJ4000, SETTINGS NOT DEFINED BECAUSE OF SCREENSHOT, bye.