Walk Through Doubt

The future, an uncertain knowledge, some of us look forward to it, some of us just reach it as it goes. The future, for some people, is something that frightens them, wishing for it not to happen quickly. At a certain time in our lives, we face options that could change this piece of time within seconds. This image represents the way society doesn't pay much attention to the future, or in other cases, don't worry about it because of uncertainty.

Life decisions, how could we not pay attention to them right?, but if I ask a regular high school student what they want to do in the future, an average would respond doubt, but why is that? According to Cal Newport, book author, and researcher, the way to find passion is through "picking something you have an interest in, and simply work as hard as you can to get better at it." So, this statement sounds rather simple, but indeed is complicated to practice in our everyday lives, that's why we don't do it. Taking the high school students as an example, approximately 75% of them are undecided in their major. Now it may be because they're not in the field so they don't know much about their options but with the digital tools and social media, we could at least communicate with those on the field or take a glance at basic things we could expect. But the crude reality comes when they have to decide for something, and frustration comes in place.

I think that this could also be seen in some adults, the uncertainty of the future and the incapability to it is built since they were just high school students.

Now, it's not fair in some cases to judge people for this because the procrastination habit towards the future is within us, and sometimes without our knowledge. But when someone tries to help us with it in some way, options are given, and we don't take them, I think that's rather vague.

This photograph focuses on a big piece of advertisement, which I edited it to be bolder and visual to the scene. The background is dark symbolizing how the question is put on our heads with importance. Bold people are seen walking through and away from the sign as if it were non-existent or unimportant to glance at it. What I

intended to do with this piece of artwork was to show a common behavior on society, us, who don't look ahead of ourselves. There's a long process to solve it in our lives, and it is by living the present and looking up towards our imminent time.

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By Sebastian Lopez, March 29, 2020.