Trip Above

As we live our slow life, unique memories of travel are produced on a rare occasion. The routine once again takes over the countless possibilities for escaping it; like a black hole in space, it traps us in its force. Fortunately, sometimes we treat ourselves to see the world through travel. As our pupils glance at the horizon, we get absorbed into the idea that there is, in fact, much to see around the globe we live in. These are moments of pure relaxation, happiness, and joy; these, are priceless.

It was called Huarochiri, a small town located forty minutes away from the capital Lima, Peru. This peaceful town away from the city laid on a high 10,000 ft of altitude. With a population of 58, 000, this town is considered a perfect place for people to distract their problems if they live in the city; I can confirm, it works. The environment, wind, lovely people, and views convey peacefulness, so there can be seen small amounts of people and tourists in the months of July and August which is perfect for time away from people.

View from above, the town is below a hill.

The experience to visit this beautiful town was amazing. I felt pure relaxation and joy during the adventure of climbing the hill to get the view from above. Years later, I come to realize the opportunity I had to experience nature, and I wish for everyone to have the same.

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By Sebastian Lopez, March 6, 2020.