A state of being trapped, the moment in which we see the light too far from us, yet we persist to follow it.

I was walking around downtown New York, felt really inspired and focused to do my best that cold afternoon. The photographer's ephemeris is an app that tells you the sun's direction, this information is important because it could give you a reference in which the light comes from and the photographer uses it as a guide to follow, or go against the light to create the image one wants. That day I wasn't sure what photo I wanted but I knew the light's direction and path for future reference.

As I processed the light's direction to move around the city, my eyes noticed the sudden scenario in which we were stepping in. My brain took over now, thinking that this scenario was as if we were trapped by the buildings from the sunlight, from breathing. In New York, I have always thought of this situation, where many new yorkers may feel kept from breathing by their surroundings, I always feel bad for people who suffer by living in the city. If you feel this way, remember that the man in that photo is still walking towards the light, you can too, just stay strong, you got this👏.

Movie 'The Joker' tried to portray this by adding computer-generated buildings covering any part of the sky in most shots. Todd Philips, the director, said: "The buildings were put in because I wanted it to feel really oppressive, and Gotham is always over Arthur and we didn't like any blank spaces in the skyline." And I got inspired to follow that mood, but this photo wasn't edited for two years.

I completely forgot this photo was taken, and the fact that it was in color at first didn't convince me, so I sat down and got to work. After three hours of thinking, drinking water, and editing the photo in small sections; I finished it. My eyes were really tired and my back needed a massage, but when I stepped back and looked at the photograph, I couldn't believe I made that, its exactly what I wanted, a masterpiece. Thank you for your support.

by Sebastian Lopez, June 11, 2020.