Tranquile Sparks

Fire, or known as the orange weapon, usually brings caution when is present by virtue of destroying and burning everything it touches. Campfires, who carries it is used to keep us warm while giving us an interesting natural look at a combustion that sometimes gives us calming, serene, and tranquil feelings, and this image is filled with those, let me explain.

The story began at a chilly Friday night at High Point State Park, where I stayed with some friends for the weekend in the nature. As we arrived that day, some small rest was needed because of the long trip taken and I took a quick sleep until nine at night. A campfire was set up by some of our teachers and temperature started to get colder every hour. Woke up, got some snacks and went outside and sat down at the campfire. The amusing details how the dry wood pieces torn out, the change of color of it and almost transparent fire that separated it into pieces got my attention and in matter of minutes made me feel carefree like if that moment was the unusual peak of relaxation and my mind thought about many things going on in my life and began thinking of someone who I really appreciate and love which then generated a melancholic and thoughtful feeling for a while. The music continued, more wood was added, my mind was full of thoughts as it usually is, and I felt that I needed to capture the interesting and good looking chemical change that gave a wonderful calm and relaxed feeling that I felt, I thought about how I could represent all of those feelings into one image which led me to see, try, and capture different perspectives before this one.

As the wood was added to keep the fire going I noticed sparks of light raising towards the full bright moon that lit up the colossal trees very slightly, these sparks would contribute to the emotion tried to portray I thought, so I tested different perspectives, from close ups, to wide shots, I went around the campfire to see the composition the pieces of wood would give to the image, after some time, I found the perspective preferred and tried different angles to include a good look to the photo. Did a small close up to keep the log in frame and set my exposure settings to a fast 1/640 second shutter speed, ISO 6400 to get light and not affect the motion look of the fire, and aperture f/4 which was the smallest one to give some blur that conveyed a cinematic and calm look without stressing the eyes. I waited until the sparks were to appear and position themselves to the frame to contribute with the frame which took some time to happen but after many tries, the oportunity was given. Bright sparks of light raised quickly to the clear skies, my hands sweating as the heat was transfered to my skin from the fire inches away from me, my camera ready and in matter of seconds I pressed the shutter button, the camera sensor snapped twice and captured this pensive photo.

Thanks to my friend Henriette who helped me choose between the two photos, this one's for you😊.