Traffic Through Larcomar

This photo was done in Larcomar, a mall next to the beach, with an amazing view of the wide blue ocean, but if you take a look for some perspectives in there, you will find some great views of the highway close to the ocean, like I found it in this photo. The story of this photo began when I was walking with my family through the mall with my photography backpack, when suddenly I noticed this great view under the stairs and quickly setted up my camera, there was traffic down there so cars

were not gonna move that much but anyways I wanted to get a long exposure, so I got my Joby GorillaPod SLR Zoom out and my Canon t5i, setted up very carefully so the camera doesn't fall, first try I used my zoom lens and settled my shutter speed to 10 seconds, I noticed that I wanted to capture more of the place so I had to go wider and there wasn't that much movement in the cars lights, so I changed the shutter speed to 30 seconds. In the second try I reached my expectations, but I didn't like the white balance on it so I changed it manually, What I want to tell with this photo is to show how much traffic there can be in such a crazy unusual highway location, and that there's also some movement. This photo was taken on June 23, 2017 7:08pm, Canon EOS REBEL t5i, Shutter Speed 30sec, Aperture f/22, ISO 100, Focal Length 18mm, bye.