Through the Busy Streets

This photo was really fun to make, I had a lot of hope to succeed on this photo and it turned out really good, I made this by first of all finding the perfect spot, and it was on the center of a street split in two roads in downtown Manhattan, New York, It was really cold and dangerous spot because cars passed really close to me, this day I had direct sunlight but with clouds appearing quickly, later that day it snowed, I was lucky that didn't happen while I was making this photo. Anyway so after I got the framing and composition done I had an idea of what I was gonna do exactly, I was gonna wait for some cars to pass next to me kinda at the same time to get the perfect combination but it didn't happen, I waited and tried a lot of times but no luck, I had to go and went home sad and tired because I stayed there for a long time and knew If got that shot it would be amazing. When I got home I reviewed the photos and I saw two different photos that had the cars in the right spot but one on the left and one on the right, and way before this happened I saw a video that told me how to blend two pictures in one in Photoshop and then I had an idea of what was I gonna do, so to start the post processing part, I went to Lightroom and selected the two photos, I edited one of them first and then applied the same settings to the other, after that I sent them to Photoshop through Creative Cloud and blend them together so there's two cars, and that's how I got this photo, through post processing, so after all it was worth to take the risk and to keep trying in the cold, that's why you should never give up on something that you think it's over and always keep trying. This photo was taken on Saturday, January 28, 2017 11:12 am, Canon EOS REBEL T5i, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 3/5sec, Aperture f/22, Focal Length 18mm.