The View

Photos don't rely on luck, it mostly requires hard work, thought, patience and creativity, however, in some unusual cases we may need some luck to get the perfect angled shot or close to an unusual perspective. These photos I also consider to be very valuable if a story, reason, or inspiration is attached to the good looking image. I personally take a lot of photos, some of which don't really have a complete experience, however, in the blog section of this website you will find photos that marked my photography learning journey. In air travel, any photo is possible in matter of seconds, therefore, I always bring my camera when I travel in the air.

The long flight was to Lima, Peru departing from Miami as I waited there for 3 hours of layover. Let me begin by saying the terminal was nice and well diverse with the aircraft parked around the entire airport which is one thing I really like about going to big airports. Boeing 767 was the plane we boarded at four in the afternoon, next to us the biggest commercial aircraft in the world, the Airbus 380 which I saw for the very first

time, the immense wing and engines amazed me easily. The Air Power Unit or known as APU was not working properly and not turning on so we waited for twenty minutes in a pretty hot aircraft, the service was acceptable and windows really dirty ( fun fact: in every single aircraft I go to, I must use my blanket to clean the windows otherwise I wouldn't get the quality I get lol people are so dirty ). We departed in a dense traffic Miami apron around the terminal towards runway 08R, I got ready for takeoff and we departed with a cloud above us that was soon to drift away. The aircraft

turbines started to generate more power as the heavy aircraft lined up with the dirty runway full of rubber left by many other aircraft's wheels, the force perceived in the cabin meaning the aircraft going at 150 knots down the runway, V1 rotate and lift was generated by the captain's strained joystick. In the air we were and posibilites to get a good photo were not present until a rapid turn to the right was made, the city visible over the wing. This is the moment I decided to try one photo that represented the amount of population in the city of Miami which I read recently is one of the most populated cities in the world. As my decision was made within seconds, pointed my camera with settings ready, and snapped multiple times as movement changed the unique composition tried to present.

This photo was featured in LATAM Airlines magazine displayed in every aircraft around the world operating the airline, the oportunity was because of the reach I got generated by your support so I thank you for your support and for reading this, a lot of hard work put into this.