The Modern City Of Santiago, Chile

This aerial picture is really old, it was missing around some hard drives, found it, and edited it, this is a no megapixel quality photo, but the colors and the city is what I like the most, this photo was taken in the Cerro San Cristóbal, Located in a big hill of 850 meters, you can see all the city there, to get there you need to go to the Teleferico station under the hill, I really liked that experience and its something that I will never forget in my life, I like this picture, it looks like its summer but it was really cold up there, the clouds were in different shapes and that is something I love about this nostalgic picture, I edited it so you feel that you are in that place, the skies were really blue and that is another highlight of this photo, this was taken on September 16th 2013, Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS (really old camera I had on those days), ISO 200, Shutter Speed 1/500 sec, Aperture f/8, Zoom 5mm.