Surfing Through Clouds

This was the happiest day of this year so far, this is a long exposure while cruising on my way to Lima, Peru in a United Airlines flight UA1095, Boeing 757 from Newark. I have been planing this photo months before the trip, with The Photographer's Emepheris tool I looked at what direction the sunlight was gonna point, that's how I decided which side of the plane I wanted to go on, during takeoff and climbing for cruise, the sunlight was gonna be strong and pointing to the east, which is better to take photos (because of more illumination) and the sunset was gonna be on the west, I mainly worried about the takeoff illumination because I was planning to take a lot of photos and a video which you can see on the videos section of this website, I planned to have a long exposure at sunset or blue hour, anyways time to shoot arrived and everything went as planned and successful,

except for one thing, as I got my gear ready I noticed I didn't know how I was gonna set up my camera in the window, long minutes of thinking passed as blue hour arrived and me attempting to set it up in a solid way, until I got it, somehow I used the seat and the arm rest to position my GorillaPod SLR Zoom in a very solid way with no movement, perfect for long exposures, wasted no time and immediately set up my shutter speed to 5 seconds, aperture to f/10 and ISO 100, honestly I did a couple of tries but I finally decided to stay with this one, the main reason why I stayed with this shot was because the clouds motion blur looked better. With this photo I express how fast planes go without us noticing about it by doing a long exposure adding motion blur to the image which gives this perspective of things moving fast, along with a beautiful blue hour sky. The reason why this was the happiest day of the year so far is because I was finnaly getting on a plane after 1 year (I love planes, in fact I want to be an airline pilot when I grow up if you didn't know), I was travelling to my country after 2 years, I had just finished the school year, I was gonna meet my family and my dad after a long time and I knew that a lot of adventures were gonna happen in Peru, So I had the best feeling of true happiness at that time and that's why it was my happiest day of 2017, which can be seen by the quality of the content that I did during one of the best trips I ever had in my life so far. This photo was taken on June 22, 2017 7:52pm, Canon EOS REBEL t5i, Shutter Speed 5sec, Aperture f/10, ISO 100, Focal Length 18mm, bye.