Soft Water

This photo was the first long exposure with water I ever had, and it turned out great. The story of this photo started when I went to Bushkills Falls, Pennsylvania, a nice place to walk with some family and friends, explore and enjoy of some nature. That day I got multiple photos that you can see on the photos section in this website. I have seen these types of long exposures for a long time and I wanted to do something similar at that time, to try the first shot I set my shutter speed to 20 seconds and my aperture to f/25 and of course ISO100 because by then I knew that if I put a lot of ISO, I would get more exposure which I didn't want. For the first time I saw what effect water had with long exposures at my camera screen just after I got the first shot, I noticed that it wasn't positioned properly, so I decided to try again, changed some settings, zoomed out and placed my camera further in one of the wet rocks, that's when I got this shot, I have never been so excited for a photo than this time, decided to stick with this shot and kept exploring walking through the woods of Bushkills Falls, this photo represents of how water is something soft, calming and relaxant, I also wanted to show something that we see, feel and drink everyday in another perspective that just a camera could capture. This photo was taken on October 2016, Canon EOS REBEL t5, Shutter Speed 20 seconds, Aperture f/22, ISO 100, Focal Length 18mm.