Piccone's Abstract Vision

Art, as a whole, makes the difference of perspectives to be seen based on the organic world we live in. In this uniquely structured gallery, an abstracted vision of the Peruvian forests and the rich culture behind it was presented by artist Piccone Sanchez.

On the warm February afternoon, I found myself walking through the magical streets of Callao Monumental; an area of town focused on showcasing the artistical perspective of the world through galleries and street art. This district is located in a far distance from the city, in La Punta located in Lima, Peru.

This unusual setting of an art gallery is called 'Galeria Selva Invisible', conveying a raw, legitimate, and harsh environment representing Peruvian culture and honest life. The space gallery displays various themed-works of art involving the amazonian culture throughout the year. Selva Invisible promotes the amazonian art culture and features many artists with a perspective on their culture through their work.

The project was called 'Pacificamente Amazonicos', it contained many distinctive works by artist Piccone Sanchez. The view he presented of the amazonian culture was extravagance. Through abstract interactive paintings, he conveyed the colorful, complicated elements of the

amazonian culture such as the apus god, the river, the land, the jaguar, the snake, the forest, mother nature, among others. These essential elements of their culture were included in the paintings, in addition, Piccone combined modern abstract with the fact that they thought of these as crucial things, which were offered by the glorious apus god and mother nature.

The experience was interesting; I got to absorb a distinct way of looking at cultural elements. Every work of art in that gallery represented contrast in a unique way differently, I deeply respect that. The environment was enticing due to the unusual structure of the gallery; it made me feel somehow comfortable inside of a rural place which I didn't expect to. The rich culture Peru has amazes me sometimes, the natural resources for cultural art the country has given from the beginning of its existence motivates artists to pursue the documental approach of it through artwork.

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By Sebastian Lopez, February 21, 2020.