A new perspective, another view on a frame, one of the many who will possibly go on the trip of thought. This is the insight of a frame that changed my life...

It happened on a sunny afternoon in Lima, Peru. I was on a family trip in the

vicinity of beautiful views of the hills around the highway. While the car ran under the soft daylight, I thought of trying out unusual perspectives to capture. I wanted to make a well-composed piece of art, which is not familiar to the eye, I wanted to frame natural contrast. Contrast is the foundation of the elixir of life, without it, we would be immune to changes and growth, and ever since I captured this photo I have felt the need to capture the moment and essence of change in many ways, even in the ordinary mountains.

This photograph, if you tilt your head to the left, consists of a dark shadowed mountain overlapping another and the sun directing at you.

As I’m writing about this photo two years after it was taken, I reflect on it. Ever since that view on contrast hit me that day, my work has never been the same again. It’s very common to see the constant style or colors being used by photographers, but I think I’ll stick with innovating as much as possible when capturing this extravagant world no matter the amount of attention received.

If you dedicate to any sort of art, I encourage you to try the uncommon way of doing it. Because, the professionalism comes when someone generates their own style in which your heart and soul tells you to follow. The greatest feeling of fear and fulfillment comes when one finds their own way of expression and storytelling. I’ll leave you with a quote by filmmaker Werner Herzog, a master at simple innovation in film:

"Only by fantasizing, imagining, creating, and bringing in deep dreams will put you in a position where you start to see something deeper."

by Sebastian Lopez, April 21, 2020.