Nostalgic Glimpse

A city that make me sense nostalgia, and one that saw me grow until the sun went down on a September day. Change is hard, one's character is often shaped by these throughout our life. But sometimes, change is good, it brings us a new view to the world, and possibly success without us knowing at the moment it happens.

In my home country, I had a nice house and more than enough commodities that I needed. I did poorly at school and I did not put effort into it no matter what was suggested, instead, I would choose to have fun and play with my toys. All I wanted is to fly, and schoolwork did not seem to bring me happiness into my early life. Later, my parents decided to permanently move to the U.S. around the month of June and bought the tickets. To me, it seemed like another one of those vacation trips to the U.S., and I didn't know what awaited me in the land of opportunities. On a September afternoon in 2015, my plane took off in the beautiful sunset colors letting me have a last scenic look at the city from above. A day became many since I left my family and friends, then weeks, months of isolation and desire to go back any day. Around two years after I moved, I started to adapt to the new way of living, and with new hobbies like photography, my desire faded out slowly. After four years, I am very thankful my family did such a decision. Because I moved, the way I see the world is different, my way of thinking has opened, I visited new places, opened my eyes to new habits, met amazing people (yes, Henriette), and discovered photography which is a big part of my life and how I interpret things. These wouldn't have happened the way they did if I would have stayed in my comfortable home. Changes are hard, but if you take advantage of them to change your life to something you want, they will become wonderful.

This is the sunset that I will always remember, one that shows most of the city in a bloom of orange color just like that day. This frame represents the last look before the chaos which transformed into beautiful. On the right side, the buildings of the industrial area of the city, on the left the

residential are. In the background, two islands

in which seagulls live. All of these elements and many more made the city of Lima amazing.

by Sebastian Lopez, January 2020.

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