New York City, minimized.

A piece of glass, one who separates the face of humanism and an entire digital universe. A piece of design that alters the human vision of the world and what happens around it. This photo is the realization of the shift happening around me.

As the summer ended and found time to do something different, I started to read “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport in the month of August 2019. The book provided much explanation about the minimalism movement and the many ways it could change your lifestyle for the good. My attention was caught by the diversity of ideas one could implement for a different lifestyle away from distractions, in fact, I felt unstoppable towards this movement. As the digital pages of my phone passed through like a train; I started to research the topic and was fascinated by the idea of not falling into digital addiction. After processing a variety of habits I was able to introduce to my life, I took action: Deleted apps that I didn’t desperately need, deleted my Facebook and twitter account, shortened the amount of time I spent on Instagram, shortened the usage of my phone and many other small changes that shaped the lifestyle I live today, one where I do only what I intend to. As my life changed, at the end of the year, I started to see the world differently; I saw a behavior that everyone stuck to in the streets. The moving eyeballs looked down as if they inspected the ground, the arms held a piece of metal like holding a child by the hand, ears stuffed with plastic as if to prevent the outside sound. These observations led me to an idea: to capture it. Through photography, I found the formula to document this in a unique way, and I took note of everything on my phone. With this inspiration, I took off to the streets of New York, it seemed like a great decision for this project to take place there, as it was flooded with the concept I thought of before.

In the city I stood, looking for a new perspective that conveys the theme I wanted. After many walks, I found the first view that caught my attention: this photograph was taken in Radio City. I found it interesting how the framing developed a sense of description of the project. I stood for several minutes waiting for the perfect subject. This was the first time I tried street photography; therefore, people looked at me like I was an alien for the first time on the process of documentation. This photo briefly describes the theme portrayed in the project I created weeks before this was captured. The sign on top outlines the place where the project was taken at (the city), and below, a person using his cellphone, ignoring his surroundings and the wonderful city around him. It was captured in an unexpected moment, captured on the verge of an experiment.

**The project mentioned can be found by clicking on the photo above.**

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By Sebastian Lopez, January 24, 2020.