Like a movie scene, this photograph reveals something deeper than simple thought. Look closer in the center, what is it? While soaring through the busy skies of the east coast, a scene of life appeared through my eyes, and I captured it.

Size perception is the main thought behind this image. If you look closely in the middle of it you will find a plane. I think that the plane represents us, the humans. The surrounding array of clouds invading the plane's world making it minuscule. My background in this photograph was to show how the world could be so big and extraordinary among humans. The world could show us so many things we don't get to see often.

This is one simple blog, of one simple image, that shows the complex life. At the time I'm writing this, we can't see much of the world, but it's important that every once in a while we get to discover and appreciate it.

by Sebastian Lopez, May 15, 2020