Happy Moments.

The story of this photo begins when the Peru soccer team was having important qualifiers matches that defined what countries were going to be playing in the world cup. In Peru soccer is a really important sport and it has a big impact into people emotions, it inspires multiple kids that want to become professional soccer players that make the country proud, it makes Peruvian people to do anything they can to support the soccer team in any way, it makes people to feel happy and to forget the bad things they may be going through, it unites people as one, it makes people to celebrate jumping for a goal until the earthquake alarms were activated during the last match against New Zealand, it's a big deal.

It all took place on September 5th 2017, match was Peru against Ecuador in Quito, we had opportunity to be classified because of the last two matches that we won so people had expectations. At that time I was taking some photos in "El Parque de la Exposicion" in Lima and watching some of the match on my phone, in the park there was also a carnival of Peruvian handicrafts with a huge display and a lot of people, some sitting in a couple of chairs and some standing up, I continued to take pictures and suddenly heard everyone screaming and jumping, it was one of the goals.

Later on when I finished to take photos I left the park, the match was about to end and Peru was winning 2-1, this made people happier because we had more chance to go to the world cup, and this is when I took the photo. As I was on my mom's car driving through a main avenue, the match ended, and I will never forget the amount of happiness I saw on everyone on the restaurants which were filled with people jumping and singing the traditional cheer and on the street where cars were sounding the melody of the cheer with the horn. I then saw this very happy man driving a taxi, he then noticed me with a camera and I quickly took a photo. In this picture I want to express and to show the happiness that soccer makes and to tell you in this blog how it impacts the country's society.

This photo was taken on September 5th, 2017 6:56pm, Canon EOS REBEL t5i, Shutter Speed 1/30sec, Aperture f/3.5, ISO 100, 18mm.

PD: even the cops were watching the match on someone's phone lol