Phones, a tool that has changed the way we live in very radical ways, to the way we communicate, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we capture moments, to having an entire never-ending possibilities to browse the web, to the way we listen to music, the way of living we portray through social media, and many other ways mobile phones combined with software technology have changed human life.

Mobile phones have become an easy alternative for photographers, nowadays, Mobile cameras have high standard image quality that compares similarly to semi-professional cameras. With the iPhone X as an example with 16 megapixels and AI HDR with iOS 13. Today, photography is easier to practice without worrying for quality if you have a modern smartphone in your pocket. Color and exposure has never been represented more accurate from a tiny sensor, with more mobile apps, photo editing on desktop it's becoming a thing of the past. Adobe is a clear example of mobile optimization with their Lightroom software being adapted to a mobile - friendly application for free, the future is everything to be easily accessible to the consumer on their smartphone. Third party camera applications have been modernized, providing manual features for photography amateurs to have more control of their exposure, quality, and look of their images. One example of these apps is Moment - Pro Camera app, this company has created additional lenses for your smartphone giving you differents field of view and image styles, after some time, the mobile company decided to develop its own app, curating lens distortions with their additional lenses, I have personally used this app and I love the interface, having full control of the camera in my pocket is truly beautiful.

As people say, the best camera it's the one you always have with you, companies like the ones above have paid attention to that concept and provided tools to enhance the experience of storytelling through a tiny piece of glass.

Anyway, the story of this photo begins on a Friday afternoon, the light was one of the type we get every month, a beautiful direct light passed through the trees in the park I was walking through on my way home. As soon as I realized the type of late afternoon lighting we had, I became an owl that saw everything, my eyes went everywhere while feeling a suspicious potential for a candid photo, I did not have my camera with me, so as soon as I had this beautiful viewpoint, I did not hesitate to take my phone out and try to capture it. A low perspective was needed to bring an immersive feeling to the photo, I went in the ground and concentrating on taking the photo I wanted, a few minutes passed and I was satisfied with the framing I had, stabilized my phone, corrected the exposure, focused to the furthest point, and snap.

I was astonished at the type of photo I got from a phone, I have never seen or taken a photo like this on an unexpected time, and less without my traditional camera. "Greenglares" is the candid mood portrayed in this photo, the sun hitting grass provided beautiful warm colors filling the entire frame combined with blurriness making a close - up into the ground details, immersing the viewer into a universe of surreal underground perspective captured with simple tools of the future.

by Sebastian Lopez, October 2019.