Director’s view

Films, Movies, Documentaries, Photos, Paintings, Drawings, and many others are ways of telling a story, they are not easy tasks, therefore, dedication and concentration are reflected in these works of art. The process of a movie was captured, a subject is seen, someone who decided to tell a story, an anecdote, an idea. A director who decided to challenge his mind and invest all of his energy into the one special idea that sparked his mind like fire on wood.

I walked through the cinematic streets of new york. My eyes studied the area to find something to photograph. Then, I saw the texture of the floor; hard blocks of stone spread as if they were aligned by some giant genius. As located in Dumbo, New York, I encountered many tourists, but then I saw a crew of people behind a huge camera. At first, I thought what could they possibly be recording this for, but then I quickly noticed the stare the director had to the horizon. I took out my camera and captured this moment of thought reflected in his eyes, the imagination that would lead the movie.

In this image, the director gives a peak to his world, one that contains the broad ideas that led to this recording. Here, we don't know what he is recording, but that is the beauty of this image, to only immerse into the wondrous eyes of an artist.

by Sebastian Lopez, January 2020.

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