A simple documentation of present, a simple visualization of the day the world changed drastically. This was the start of the burden humans are living as I write this. This image contains the essence and feel of the rough times we once lived, one to tell and show the next generations about.

Morning, 7 am, I was determined to capture a good image since I left the door of my house as rumors of a declaration of national emergency were spread like butter in a hot pan. This, I thought, would lead me to stay home and not being able to capture the outside world, and I knew it wasn’t gonna end quickly. So this day was my last opportunity to take photos as much as I could, and I took advantage of it. Anyway, as I walked around the park, I noticed not a single soul was around which I found strange since commuters always walk around this path. As I encountered a good view of the situation, I waited for the best opportunity to happen. Ten minutes later, a girl in the distance is seen and I prepare for the shot. This selected frame was an experiment as I took several that looked more ‘pleasant to the eyes’ of this scene.

The magic came in the editing room, at this time, I like many others, began their unknown trip to boredom, frustration, and laughter at home. As I saw the options on my screen, my head overthought this specific essence that I wanted to capture:

From multiple options, I had to choose one,’ think, think, breathe, I need to go outside’ I thought as the images looked at me with confusion.

After a long break, I made my decision for this image at the end, I wanted to show the emptiness of the environment, therefore, I needed a composition that portrayed this, and I finally saw it upon my eyes.

A frame of statement, a frame of documentation, a frame of present, a frame of story. This is what I wanted to do the moment I stepped out of my door that morning, and I achieved it after all.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” - Picasso

by Sebastian Lopez, April 22, 2020