Dark Sunlight

As an act of miracle by mother, an unseen beauty hidden behind the mountains appeared in the early morning time.The sun, who made the scene feel cinematic, brought fog. Once again, a fog that would make the human below it feel incredibly blessed in the human-less early beach. A fog that lifted from the ground as if escaping from it; never succeeding, but bringing beauty to life. Indeed a fog that would gift us the opportunity for us to appreciate the beautiful present time on a candid morning. This photo showcases the beauty in a sadly-interpreted edit style.

After staying for two magical days in the unpopulated beaches of Asia, located in Lima, Peru; I woke with desperation to experience a sunrise on the unoccupied beach. The room was filled with sounds of waves on the far away. The sky was vaguely purple, slowly lightening by the approach of the tired sun. I got quickly dressed as all my family slept, took my camera, and off I was to my unusual adventure in the earliest of sunlight existence. The beach was completely empty, almost humanless, only seagulls were seen flying on the far distance, flying through the marvelous fog along the horizon making the atmosphere pleasant to any existent stress on a human being. To my left, a strip of mountains was seen as if approaching the calm ocean. Then, a light appeared among them.

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By Sebastian Lopez, February 16, 2020.