Creative Capture.

Creativity is considered a gifted skill for many, a painter, a photographer, an "artist" is called to a person who creates, who observes, who thinks outside the box, one who portrays and communicates opinion or idea, we have many creative people among us, in fact, it may be closer than we think.

Closer in the meaning of inside you; we all are creative in some way. Sometimes our creativity spills out without our intention; by writing, drawing, imagining, thinking, etc. The outcome of people that choose to be outstanding is what most of us know as "someone creative" while we all are deep inside ourselves. The beauty is when someone goes out and shares their work, as humans we get sometimes confused and shocked by this imagery or audio that touches the heart in different ways. That moment of intense reveal, the moment we hear, touch, and feel the artist's work. Concerts, art museums, drawing, and many other situations are worth moments to experience, and this photo is that experience in its entirety.

The painter, who spills his mind into the canvas, creating a painting filled with thought, dedication, and meaning. The DJs, who pick the music according to the atmospheric mood, with the talent they possess. The juggler, who uses his ability to throw the balls, while having fun and dancing to the music. This is a clear example of the beauty art can bring in a small environment like this, all captured in one image, all portrayed into one frame.

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