As the last glance of existence, it appeared as a call of thought, a moment to truly value this planet on a time of horror. It could be that nowadays we are not able to see our life as something real, in fact, many people may know exactly what I'm talking about. After one year of being indoors for the majority of days, life has become senseless as we grasp for time orientation, yet we loose track of it by default. As hard as it may be, we have got to face our reality, our options, and our contribution to the community; it's important to prioritize our efforts towards something worthwhile for us. Now, while this picture may have many perceptions of its meaning, I think that given the current situation, it clearly describes our future.

"Man is condemned to be free because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does." - Jean-Paul Sartre

All lives have a closure, rich or poor, we are deprived of materials during our last journey towards nothingness.

This photo, by composition, looks like a surreal path towards the diminishing of life. The light shines as if it were to dominate us and take our existence away. This image could serve as a reflection of our lifetime, an image to expand the common view of the unknown time we have in this world.

February 1st, 2021