As a combination of chaos and beauty, it's all visible to our eyes, but it won't last long.

As I write this blog, my life status is changed from high school student to college student, and it truly feels weird. Today was my virtual graduation and parade around town in car due to COVID-19. I got to see my friends for probably the last time, and my mind still doesn't process that. You see, moments like these are hard to process, especially when they all happen so quickly.

So with that being said, this photo personally represents the combination of those special moments, moments of chaos and beauty, ones which will remain painted in our heads. By showing bright clouds and dark skies beneath them, I tried to follow a sense of contrast in the combination of diverse elements.

Now, for some, this photo may feel bulking by the extravagance look, but that is the true feeling of these unique events. Before it happens, it feels filling nervous and thought-driven. When it happens it goes by fast that your eyes can't believe what they're seeing, the only thing known is that the moment is truly impactful to your life, so live it the most you can, because that's life at its finest. This quote was found at the end of the movie "Jojo Rabbit" by the genius Taika Waititi:

"Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final." -Rainer Maria Rilke

And that was the ultimate purpose for the selection of this photograph, a documentation of elements that directly affect feelings in so many distinct ways. Thank you for being part of the analysis.

by Sebastian Lopez, June 18, 2020.