" Asumare "

To my grandpa, Cayetano Lopez.

Special moments, unique ones that make our life wholesome, experiences that mark our lives in many ways for good or vice-versa. People we love, whom we find joy being with. All of these are the factors build a sadness for us to face sooner or later.

It was a beautiful day in April, a warm Friday with expectations for the weekend. The day couldn't get any better, in addition, a sporting event in my school was to happen at the end of the day which meant we wouldn't have much class. My pencil raced through the paper as I worked on the assigned homework in order to be free of it during the weekend. In the middle of algebra class, I heard my name called to the main office by my teacher. Immediate thoughts on the reason to get called spread through my mind as I walked through the dark hallways with a smile on my face. I entered the machined cooled atmosphere at the office and saw the school's psychologist and the secretary waiting for me. The secretary, who has known me for years, brought delight with her smile every day, but today, I found anguish in her cold expression. "Do you know if your dad is okay?" she said, "yes I think" I replied while my heart raced of terror. My phone shook and it showed my mom telling me to call my dad as soon as possible. Signal was unexistent, so I went to the door with the psychologist. My dad, who was in the hospital with my grandpa three thousand miles away in Peru, picked up the phone and rapidly told me to say some last words for my grandpa. While I felt dizzy, I was able to take my heart and put it into words through the phone. My grandpa, while he couldn't talk or move, heard me according to my dad. Throughout the rest of the day, those warm events ahead of me turned cold and anesthetized. As I laid down in my bed hours later that evening, I heard my mom saying the announcement that terrified me. My grandpa, Cayetano Lopez passed away, and I couldn't process it well. It is laying on tears when I realized how much I would've wanted to spend more time with him before I moved to this country, it struck me that evening, that low evening.

This photo was taken the day I last saw him, even though he is not in the photo, I still hold that memory of him being by my side as I took this photograph. In this photo, two of my grandpa's friends, who were in charge of the fireworks for an event, contributed to this photo. This one, among others, displayed a celebration to me, but now, I see it as one which eventually led to sadness as many things in life.

by Sebastian Lopez, January 17, 2020.