A Man's Guitar

In our everyday routine, we often immerse ourselves into our own world, unconsciously don't realize the people around us. Chris, a street singer, performed in the freezing temperatures of our winter, surrounded by cold hearts filled with money.

He, with a guitar, a coffee, and a dog, learned what really matters about life. Around our society, filled with millions of tiny worlds each belonging to every one of us, there are people out there to teach us things, we must open our hearts to resonate experiences with them.

Maggie used to be a service dog, she makes Chris happy every day and accompanies him through life. Chris mentioned that she taught him the most important thing about life: 'Love for what you do, and who you do, are the most important sources of our souls', said Chris. He rescued Maggie and kept her, since then he has been performing to earn money to feed her and himself. With a university degree in arts, he got into singing and dedicated to it. Life hit him the hardest it could, reason why Chris performs in the streets of Harrison. ‘Being a street singer is hard, not everyone shows empathy, but here we are.’

Our daily habits include commuting, which is the very moment we get to see the outside world filled with interesting things to look at, sometimes we can meet people whom we can learn from. A ’good deed’ is one or a series of things that benefit the unknown, sometimes these can make us feel proud of ourselves and serves as a consciousness refresh on what love to unknown is all about. It is well recommended that you do one of these every day, a simple help could mean something big for the one being helped. A simple smile, talk, or comment to a stranger sounds unusual to do, but it can make a positive impact on both sides. Interaction with strangers is often seemed odd, but is not wrong. Since my new photography journey began, talking to strangers made me see people as friends who we haven’t met yet. The idea behind talking to strangers is to provide real communication on a society in which it’s practiced through screens.

I met Chris on a mission to photograph the people and environment around me. As I walked around the train station, I heard a voice singing, it got my attention that he was with a dog on a cold evening like that, then I got closer. Witnessing the talent melt from his soul was incredible.

The songs he performed made me reflect about life situations, they suggested the raw, yet nostalgic view on life. With his voice playing while I snapped photos of him, I realized the crude reality of people passing by, saying nothing for him, or doing nothing for him, who was in need. To show the state of society, I decided to document it with this photograph.

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By Sebastian Lopez, February 27, 2020.