Against The Current

Among crime and hate, I will lead you to success, but you must hold my hand tight. This is a common message most mothers phrase, and I thought of reflecting it on an image.

Society, the good and the bad, can be found within seconds by either lifting our mobile devices or simply going out the porch. A feeling to eliminate all possible danger towards the child is found on an ocean of thoughts filling the mother's head. Death is, however, the one thing not able to avoid in a fascinating world like the one we step on; so this thought slowly dominates her mind when she's outside.

'Overprotective' is to define her radical love towards the new, but it's just a state of mind the mother obtained from the moment he came out of her. It's hard to empathize with someone like the mother, but we, as new ones, must adhere to her point of view.

The upper-third of the image is in black and white, revealing the crude, tall world above them dominating their view of the horizon. The people in the middle of the frame walking towards them like pawns reflect the society which is often like a current against them. The mother is stepping on the white safety lines signifying that her knowledge keeps her safe, but the boy isn't so she must hold his hand against the torrent.

The mother, can be found crossing every street of this world, even in yours.

to my mother.

by Sebastian Lopez, March 18, 2020.