Acute Skies

Soft. Hard. Contrast, the foundation of art. It’s the core element of combination that makes our thoughts spin by looking at a piece of art, and the unique style that allows the photographer to freely express himself.

Throughout the years, shooting clouds has been the most magical experience while traveling. The immense possibilities are given to you within minutes and hours. At the moment of descent and climb, sometimes many clouds are seen in ways never seen before. But I always look for contrast.

That day, as we flew above Philadelphia, soft clouds were seen on the slightly bright horizon. The sky was covered by a thin cloud layer at 18,000 feet. As we left the Philadelphia airspace, I encountered this sudden hard cloud which contrasted the soft environment. I captured this view to show that among the editing, nature of this world can give us beautiful contrast organically like in this situation.

The contrast, for some, could represent the extravaganza that life presents us in many ways. How when we find ourselves in our comfort zone, more situations are presented, making the process of living complicated. Ultimately, that is the foundation of contrast; the moment difference is made, where human meets stress.

So that‘s what I thought about while the plane surfed the clouds after departure. It is important to be aware of our surroundings and to see the unexpected views while reflecting and taking value of the experience at present.