A contrast of roads

Roads. made to transport us from one point to another, our life spent over them. These are two frames that show contrast in the roads of the same city of Lima, Peru. They show the beautiful yet realistic contrast like anything life brings us.

Our environment is filled with contrast, from people's personalities to situations we face, one gets to see it so often that it may sound astronomical to analyze, but here we go. To begin, I shall state that being ambitious is not wrong and looking for entertainment isn't either. As I begin research on this topic, the first result reads: "10 ways to change your life in just one week", I am skeptical on what the definition of contrast we have as ambitious humans we are. Traffic, news, social media, and tv are factors of brain stress because of the amount of information and thought it requires, with small benefit.

Commute is one unenjoyable thing in the city of Lima, as traffic can delay you around one hour. News sources do a great job of informing people, but sometimes there are things written which are not essential for us to read. Social Media connects news with photos with opinions stacked into an infinite scrolling interface which is easy to get lost in; therefore, it is easy to consume unnecessary information. Tv contains various bits of unnecessary information as well, so it is easy to fall into it. All of the sources mentioned above produce stress to the brain and to the eyes, sometimes, this stress might seem invisible, but it's because they are small fragments that add up caused by the ambition to consume and the seek for mindless dopamine, which is "stimulated by small bits of information", according to Courtney Seiter; Director of People at Buffer.

This stress; however, can be contrasted in some situations, just like the photo below.

The minimalism movement is often seen as a way to throw everything out; however, it is only to do this to things that don’t bring joy or deep value to your life. As the photo below shows; a highway, like life, is found uncluttered. This state of life is uncommon or even impossible, but there are ways to get close to it. With habits, organization, scheduling, journaling, etc; one could manage to reach life simplicity with only the things that matter on sight. Minimalism consists in removing things in your life that imply unnecessary;

therefore, it makes you posses less unimportant objects in your life, which leads to appreciating what brings true joy. The mindset of quality over quantity is essential to minimalism. I believe that the process of uncluttering your life is essential for tranquility in your environment, like your room or apartment. This photo represents a personal state of mind at this moment. Like the previous image, I had many things surrounding me that did not matter deeply. Since I researched minimalism four months ago, I have implemented certain habits and systems to my routine so that nothing unimportant gets in my way of progressing creatively. This has so far brought tranquility and focus into the things I truly care about, that's the goal in a routine.

These two photos convey contrast with potential to interpret in many ways, and that's the beauty of these two. This last photo reminds me of many things, but ultimately, the objective to incorporate it in this blog is to show how the present feels.

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By Sebastian Lopez, February 5, 2020.