An accidental frame on time, the space of uncertainty, this is a frame that reminds us that existence never comes easy.

It happened on a tranquil Sunday night; kids playing around the plaza, couples talking on the grass, old men praying in a silent church, weather calm and perfectly neutral. As I remember of this scene, all I could think of is that I have never seen Plaza de Armas so calm in my life. Loud, crowded, busy; those are the words that described the pizza place this photo was taken in. The pizza place out stood as the loudest part of the plaza like an alarm on a shut morning. The man was a calm guy, but his thoughts were louder than the awareness he possessed as if curtains blocked the sun.

The man, who worked on the busiest day of tranquility, went through the noise. Many of us experience this, moments of thought, moments in which we realize our crude reality. Tired, the man stood working at the late hours of the night, and like many of us, kept going. He could've been upset for many reasons, but to absorb his feelings through the photograph is relatable and even touching for some. Humans feel everything, but in difficult times, let's remember that at the end of the day:

"The collapse of the stellar universe will occur - like creation - in grandiose splendor." -Werner Herzog

The place was crowded with people waiting for their pizzas, so it was hard to get a good view of him with the camera. Let me say that this photo was taken by a mere accident. My goal that day was to take a master shot of the open kitchen, but then I quickly decided to zoom in on the people working just to try and see what I got, and never reviewed the photos. One year later, I finally see the photographs taken that day, and I found this photo. I saw potential, I saw feeling, it was perfect for my style, so I edited it.

Thanks once again to my friend Henriette, who contributed with the final photograph, you're the best 😄

by Sebastian Lopez, May 5th, 2020