She was incredible, one of a kind, he thought, and while the uncertain darkness took over his brain, he got to know her as much as he could, and eventually fell in love with her. She liked his companion, and every time they talked, both would lose themselves in a random topic. Their friendship was at the best moment; both hung out, discovered new places, and distracted out of their problems. He made her feel comfortable to talk about anything; she trusted him. She filled his brain with glorious dopamine through their interaction and her niceness. His heart enjoyed the sensation of the possible relationship, but forgot it was only a possibility. The warming experiences with her had made him comfortable to the point of becoming blind to the slight possibility. In the absence of honesty to himself, his hopes inflated.

Years had passed, and his brain got tired of lying to himself. During this time in uncertain darkness, she had told him only saw him as a friend, but only many months later, he processed it. After a long voyage in darkness, where he met happiness, things suddenly became lighter. As light filled the space, as lies were gone, and as he saw the truth come to light, he started running towards it.

And this was the start of another trip I would take...

September 7, 2020